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BDY K9 e-liquid (Hazelnut Caramel Tobacco) (30ml) nThe sweet woodsiness of Caramel Tobacco w/a balancing touch of Hazelnut. Naturally Extracted Tobacco e-liquid in very limited production. n nThe most complex, unique, satisfying juice you will taste! n nVG to PG Ratio: n n-70/30 n nThis Product Features: n n-30 mL Bottles n n-40mg Nic n nYou Will Receive: n n-1x – BDY K9 n nIngredients: n n Vegetable Glycerin n Propylene Glycol n Natural and
Seidelicious Prabacco e-liquid nSeidelicious Prabacco is a creamy delectable mix of praline and cream juice with blonde tobacco. n nAppeals to highest of quality e-liquid lovers. n nIn terms of composition, the percentage of VG/PG is 70/30, allowing you to enjoy your e-liquid in a secure way, and is formulated from the flavors of custard. n nBeyond its taste, this e-liquid is available without nicotine, suitable for this weaning done freely, little by little. n
The Bens e-liquid nThe Bens appeals to the highest of quality e-liquid lovers. High-end users will rejoice with The Bens e-liquid, whose intense custard flavor will surprise you with every use. n n Thus The Bens e-liquid of the highest quality, developed and created in Canada, is one of the most beloved products of our customers, under precise control. Why be tempted by this vape e-liquid? You will appreciate its gourmet scent, which awakens the