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Bablito’s mission statement: A Quebec-based producer of e-liquids.

With an innovative approach and cutting-edge equipment, the company stands out as a leader in the industry. By creating top-quality e-liquids using a highly-efficient production process. Constantly striving to renew our product offerings by staying up to date with needs and trends in the vape market.

Thank you Bablito for your professional explanation. Now here is what you really need to know, they are being far too modest. An experienced collaboration between vape experts and Chefs with French cuisine expertise, make up the super team of vape aficionados known as Bablito Industries.

Simply put the best dessert lines of vape juice in the world. I have been all over the world, I try hundreds of liquids a month, no dessert vapes are even close to these.

The most popular dessert profiles such as: vanilla custard "The Bens", strawberry cream "The Wolf", caramel apple "Apple Jacked", blueberry muffin or doughnut "Spooked", caramel desserts "Frightened", hazelnut dessert "Norte Heritage", and many more!

If you have tried any vape juice with these flavor profiles you are already thinking of ones you love or hate. Now buy one of ours and you will forget about any other dessert e-liquid you have ever tried.