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Classic Wanted

classic wanted

Brave, Gourmet, Reserve, Sweet

Classic Wanted a gourmet tobacco e-liquid line completely unique in the e-liquid industry. Each flavor has blonde tobacco foundation with hints of vanilla and caramel. If we didn’t just tell you there is a tobacco base you would never have known.

The e-liquid is so smoothly concocted, and every layer appeals to its specific desired palette. If you enjoy the complementary flavors to the tobacco base, then I invite to try these and indulge in our best selling dessert line.

Are you a fan of vanilla cookies? Get the Gourmet. You enjoy banana desserts? Try Reserve.

Cereal vapes? Sweet is our best selling cereal ever! Our customers who have never smoked in their lives buy Sweet like they eat their favorite cereal.

Have you noticed how all coffee vapes taste complete inaccurate? Not Brave, maybe the best coffee flavor on the planet, try it.

Caramel and nuts make a great dessert and even better vape, its our Savage!

Classic Wanted is a line you have to try to believe, guarantee it will change everything you have ever thought about tobacco vapes.