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Thick Oil

Thick Oil is individually hand batched vape juice.

Originally a specialty mechanic, its creator says, “I like a juice that leaves the wick and coils clean for days, and a taste you keep wanting more of. Once I figured out the recipes I started looking for a lab. The best lab that uses only the best instruments, and one that brews the juices by hand.”

From the creator himself, the highest grade ingredients on the planet. Ingredients so transparent even the creator of the ingredients themselves will guarantee you certified clean lab reports. When the quality is as advertised and reinforced with science? You have vape juice at the height of the entire industry.

Butter Oil is a hand batched and perfected concocted creamy peanut butter. If you love peanut butter, do yourself a favor and try the best single peanut butter flavor on the planet. So accurate and smooth, the quality will ooze over your coils. Imagine swallowing a spoonful of your favorite peanut butter, its like that, but in an all day vape.

Toasted Oil is a seamless transition of the food to vape juice. Handmade batches taste exactly like toast out the toaster (not even sure how they perfected that) with farm fresh butter and natural strawberry preserves smeared over it. A lot of company's are doing toast jam e-liquid, I have tried those too, they are out of their league with Toasted Oil.