How To Use a Vape?


Cannabidiol can be administered in a number of ways. Quickest onset? Will come from Vape. Some people don’t care for the taste of it, then you would want to look to capsules/pills, edibles, topicals. Breathe Vape Lounge has the best tasting edibles you will ever taste in your life (we guarantee you wont even know our edibles are infused). Topicals are gels, lotions, beauty products.

Vape is a bit different. An individual’s vape juice can have no nicotine, or a custom nicotine amount. You vape the nicotine with different increments of heat the hotter the vape? The more vape produced & faster the vape juice dissolves. The lower the vape temperature? The more flavor you will experience & the vape juice will be conserved more.

The content of Vape you select is important. Yet nothing is more important than the quality & cleanliness of the product. These specifications are where Breathe Vape Lounge truly shines! We source ours locally from domestic farms only. We require independent lab reports. Also, we only partner with private hand batching farms, who specialize in potency.

Similar for Vape, we work w/private laboratories & require independent lab reports testing all liquids for any possible carcinogens. All Breathe’s vape mods are warrantied in USA. All Breathe’s vape juice are clean, lab tested & hand batched. There is no vape shop in the United States matching Breathe Vape Lounge in quality control standards of Vape.

We appreciate you taking time to read up on us.

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