Legality & Why Use?


Quick Disclaimer: Cannabidiol CBD is legal everywhere in the United States. The Federal Government & the Food and Drug Administration has both supported the benefits of CBD. Also, CBD does NOT get you high.

The Ministry of Health in both the UK & Canada recommend Vaping as the best cessation therapy for smokers. Over 40% of all cigarette harm comes form the combustion element. When you vape, the combustion element is removed to the betterment of a vaper’s health.

The highest quality Vape & CBD Oil are both naturally sourced from nature w/plants, plant supplements, extracts, terpenes, etc. Individuals should dose either CBD & Vape according to ones need. For vaping, a pack of cigarettes equates to 6 Milligrams of Nicotine. Depending on how much you were smoking? Should dictate the nicotine content you need. CBD is dosed relative to your weight (check our above link to our YouTube channel for correlating videos on CBD dosage).

We hope our information help. Thank you very much for your time

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