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The Knife Thrower e-liquid (Berry Cream Candy) (60ml)


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The Knife Thrower e-liquid (Berry Cream Candy)

The Knife-Thrower is a candy consisting of cranberry and cassis, and slightly creamy. If you enjoy tart hard candies this will be your go-to e-liquid!

CirKus is a French brand created and produced by VDLV.

CirKus, VDLV has imposed its high standards and applied its renowned expertise to offer complex and intense flavors but without any compromise concerning traceability and optimal safety.

VDLV company respects all the specific safety and hygienic regulations when producing its e-liquids to best protect consumers.

Imported from France. The highest quality control standards in the world & unrivaled attention to detail. A product with complete transparency & traceability for every single ingredient. A complete e-liquid facility for all elements in every bottle. VDLV labs are responsible for making their proprietary flavorings, VG, PG, liquid nicotine. Lab-tested “Clean” of all possible carcinogens.


    • Polypropylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine of EP standard (European Pharmacopeia)
    • Natural and synthetic food flavorings, all produced in France in conformity with our product specification sheet. Furthermore, they contain no sugar, oil, diacetyl, gum, GMOs or any aromatic substance known to be allergenic and which must appear on food labels by law if present.
    • Ultra-pure water (Milli-Q)
    • Possibly with alcohol (medium for our natural food flavorings) for the following flavors: Red Berries, Lemon Ice, the Bearded Beauty, the Gymnast, and the Tamer.
    • Possibly a pure nicotine liquid, of USP quality, extracted from tobacco leaves. So, its purity and concentration are regularly analyzed with our own internal analysis equipment (HPLC and gas chromatography / mass spectrometer) and compared to benchmarks provided by accredited laboratories.


Authentik CirKus range e-liquids are packaged in recycled polyethylene (GCC) 60 ml plastic bottles (bisphenol free) and fitted with a dropper, a tamper-proof ring, and a childproof plug.

Nicotine content:

0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml

So, the correct dosage depends on your nicotine dependence.

    • 6 mg for heavy dependence.
    • 3 mg for average dependence.
    • 0 mg if you are not dependent on nicotine.

Therefore, keep e-liquid in a dry place and at an ambient temperature of around 20°C.

A quality commitment

Systematic laboratory analyses of nicotine bases from the moment of production, carried out internally using chromatography and comparing the results with benchmark formulations.

Regular checks of nicotine content by an accredited laboratory (accreditation n°1-0797).

Rigorously selected aromas

For CirKus, VDLV has chosen natural and synthetic flavorings based on scientific research.

VDLV has priority control over the concentration of formaldehyde, acetaldehydes, parabens, etc.

A guaranteed traceability

Thanks to an information system allowing us to pilot production in real-time during the whole production process. Therefore VDLV guarantees complete traceability for 100% of its products.

As a result, each e-liquid bottle has a lot number that lets us trace its quality at each step of the production process.

A French production

VDLV raw materials: all of which conform to our product specification sheets and European Standards in effect.

CirKus e-liquid is compatible with all brands of electronic cigarettes.

Breathe Vape Lounge is Michigan’s CBD and Vape source

There are clinical trials proving the effects of CBD on the following: chronic pain, to reduce pain, as an anti-inflammatory, neuropathic pain, psychoactive effects, multiple sclerosis, Dravet syndrome, all with no side effects.

CBD is the counterpart of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It can be both cannabis-derived, as well as hemp-derived. Cannabis-derived is of the marijuana plant species, hemp-derived is of the hemp planet species. The difference, hemp-derived has no psychoactive effect. Thus, cannabidiol allows people to go about their day with any psychoactive feeling associated with marijuana or medical marijuana.

Food and drug administration is yet to approve any Medicinal claims. Although the Federal government has passed the Hemp bill for the entire United States.

Breathe Vape Lounge is home to the best cannabidiol CBD products in Michigan. As well as the highest-grade CBD products in Michigan.

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