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VDLV Fresh Mint (Mint Leaves) e-liquid (60ml)


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VDLV Fresh Mint (Mint Leaves) e-liquid

Subtle menthol with a natural coolness.  Completely natural and accurate to the mint leaf itself. No artificial taste whatsoever.

Looking for an e-liquid with health, cleanliness, and nature as its base for creation? Thus, the VDLV product line provides exactly that.

Each VDLV E-Liquid is composed of flavors exclusively provenance of natural food flavors and natural extracts made in France.


– Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, OF PE quality (European pharmacopeia),

– Exclusively natural food flavorings produced according to the requirements of our specifications. So, they contain no sugar or gum.

– Alcohol (5.7% Vol., support of our natural aromas) and ultra-pure water (Milli-Q),

– Producing quite possibly the purest liquid vape-able nicotine on the planet. Manufactured in France by VDLV, of PE quality, extracted from tobacco leaves. Therefore, we regularly analyze purity and concentration thanks to our in-house analysis (HPLC chromatography and gas/mass spectrometer) and compared to standards provided by accredited laboratories.


Our e-liquids are packaged in polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles (without bisphenol), recycled (PET1), with a capacity of 10ml, with a dropper, and inviolability ring, and a child safety cap (ISO 83 17).

Recycling BOTTLES:
Thus, the logo affixed below our empty packaging indicates that once rinsed with water, they are recyclable.


So, our e-liquids are regularly analyzed with the constant concern for optimal traceability and safety (microbiological analyses and chemical analyses: nicotine and impurities, aromatic spectrum, absence of formaldehyde, acetaldehydes, parabens).

So, all of our e-liquids comply with no detectable levels of: (diacetyl rates well below 22 ppm), and for constant safety reasons, we also test for levels of acetyl propionyl, hexane 2.3 dione, and acetoin). Thus, all part of why we simply produce the cleanest, lab-tested, safest, e-liquid on the planet.

Ratio PG/VG

  • 60 PG / 40 VG

Breathe Vape Lounge is Michigan’s CBD and Vape source

There are clinical trials proving the effects of CBD on the following: chronic pain, to reduce pain, as an anti-inflammatory, neuropathic pain, psychoactive effects, multiple sclerosis, Dravet syndrome, all with no side effects.

CBD is the counterpart to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It can be both cannabis-derived, as well as hemp-derived. Cannabis-derived is of the marijuana plant species, hemp-derived is of the hemp planet species. The difference, hemp-derived has no psychoactive effect. Thus, cannabidiol allows people to go about their day with any psychoactive feeling associated with marijuana or medical marijuana.

Food and drug administration is yet to approve any Medicinal claims. Although the Federal government has passed the Hemp bill for the entire United States.

Breathe Vape Lounge is home to the best cannabidiol CBD products in Michigan. As well as the highest-grade CBD products in Michigan.

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